Osmani & Afzal Associates

Osmani & Afzal Associates was founded in 1985 by Mr. Muhammad Afzal. He believed it was essential for a tax consulting firm to guarantee each and every one of its clients the exclusivity of its services, thus limiting the firm to a selected number of clients.

In virtually every business decision, there are tax consequences. Therefore, our clients deserve the most practical and well-crafted tax solutions service. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from completing tax returns under corporation tax and self-assessment to handling complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning.

We have the ability to focus on our clients and deliver them the most innovative tax solutions due to our knowledge of specific business environments, including financial services, leisure, retail, sports, high-growth companies, manufacturing, automotive, technology, communications, the public sector, property, utilities, and oil and gas.

Key Areas We Specialize In:

  1. Tax preparation services for individuals and corporations.
  2. Compliance services, including the preparation of sales tax and income tax returns.
  3. Representation of clients before tax officials and assistance to solicitors in compiling petitions for higher courts.
  4. Provision of advice regarding double taxation agreements and taxation on overseas transactions by international tax consultants.
  5. Assistance with the registration, de-registration, and assessment of sales tax matters.
  6. Providing advance insight into potential investments or commercial deals.
  7. Establishment of gratuity funds, provident funds, and other employee benefit programs, along with obtaining tax authority permission for each of these initiatives.
  8. Offering basic tax guidance based on recently enacted laws and court decisions.

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